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Living In Salem, Massachusetts In 1692 During The Witchcraft Trials Mu

Living in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 during the Witchcraft Trials must had been an uncanny occasion to understanding. The whole black magic delirium began in light of the fact that individuals were pointing fingers at one another. Guiltless ladies and kids were being denounced for absurd reasons, for example, secretive book perusing and having poppets, or cloth dolls, lying around the house. The manner in which the legal framework worked in the 1600's was completely bungled. It let blameworthy individuals live and blameless individuals kick the bucket. On the off chance that one was blamed they were given one for two decisions, they could either admit and live or not admit and be hanged. In this manner honest individuals that were being blamed would admit to spare their life, despite the fact that they were not witches. Ladies that were blamed for black magic could settle on a third decision that men proved unable. One would settle on this decision when they would not like to darken their name by conceding and still needed to live. This decision was to argued that one was pregnant. At the point when one settled on this decision their preliminary would be procrastinated on for a while in light of the fact that the higher authorities would not have any desire to slaughter the honest newborn child. For instance both Sarah Good and Elizabeth Proctor didn't admit yet said they were pregnant so they were both tossed behind bars until they conceived an offspring or the authorities could certainly decide whether in actuality they were pregnant. All through the story individuals for the most part viewed themselves as the main goal and they could think less about the others around, this implied they all paid special mind to simply themselves. For this explanation a significant number of the individuals in Salem, regardless of whether a witch or not, would admit so they could live. They would not mind that blameless individuals were biting the dust since they would not admit to black magic like different quitters that admitted just to live. This was Tituba's admission, who was one of the principal people to be blamed. No, no, don't hang Tituba! I disclose to him I don't want to work for him, sir. (1058). With that admission she was tossed behind bars despite the fact that she admitted to being a witch. Then again, the sweet and honest Rebecca Nurse never admitted so she was hanged. Elizabeth later illuminates Proctor that not all the blamed are honest like Rebecca Nurse since they have admitted. Elizabeth says, There be numerous admitted. Who are they? Proctor reacts. Elizabeth answers, There be a hundred or more, they state. Goody Ballard is one; Isaiah Goodkind is one. There be many. John questions, Rebecca? Not Rebecca. She is one foot in Heaven now; nothing may hurt her more. Elizabeth answers. (1113). Another approach to get yourself in the clear was to point fingers at another person. On the off chance that you were denounced and you recently said that you saw another person with the Devil you never got tossed in prison or hanged. Abigail was the first to be blamed for black magic, however when she had the opportunity she denounced the same number of others as she could. At the opportune time Abigail chose to unveil about her experiences with the Devil, yet quickly charged another person before the individuals acknowledged she was admitting herself. I need to open myself! I need the light of God, I need the sweet love a Jesus! I moved for the Devil; I saw him; I wrote in his book; I return to Jesus; I kiss His hand. I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil! (1060). With that she got herself free and was no longer idea of as a witch or awful individual. Thomas Putnam additionally pointed fingers at others when in truth he was the genuine man of shrewdness. Thomas Putnam needed individuals to kick the bucket so he could take their territory. Giles Corey was the man that discovered this out and introduced it to the court. When they asked where he got his data from he would not say. In this manner Giles was squeezed to demise. This is another case of genuine kicking the bucket and underhandedness living. The sheer reality that blameless individuals kicked the bucket and liable individuals lived is incredible. What aggravates it is that after they understood that all the allegations were bogus they attempted to make up for the lives lost. How might you make up for a dead individual, that passed on for nothing but bad reason? It is extremely unlikely that should be possible. In this manner the legal framework

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Great Essay Topics For African History Papers

Great Essay Topics For African History PapersWhen students start writing essays on African history, one of the best examples of great essay topics for African history papers is to simply read. Especially, when one gets through a reading assignment without any concept at all. Even in history, knowledge is power and without knowledge, one can't have a real understanding of how things are done. That's why it's important to have some knowledge about African history as well as subjects that can be learned and applied.It should be noted that not all topics are applicable to all students and they should be decided according to the purpose of the topic. Thus, it is essential that students learn more about the subject by reading more and consulting their own research before actually starting to write the paper. Aside from that, students should also read a lot because the topic should be written on a specific level of comprehension and knowledge.Besides just reading, there are many interesting ways to research. The first way is doing extensive research with the help of websites and books. There are also websites that offer resources for free. Because of this, it's important to choose which website will best serve the purpose of the topic.Because of the huge number of websites, it can sometimes be hard to choose among them, but there are still those that serve the purpose of research projects. One of the easiest to use is Google Scholar where one can find different articles related to a specific topic. One can search for the keywords that best describe the topic areas.Because of the ease of usage, many people believe that sources are the most important part of an essay. However, writing sources can be a bit of a challenge since some sources may not be useful or reliable because of poor research practices. Therefore, there are a lot of other sources that a student can refer to for information.Students should remember that sources are not always reliable and some may even m islead the writer. Sometimes, they are just being used as a way to prove that an author wrote something. The facts should be kept in mind so that the reader can do the necessary research.For many years, textbooks have been one of the most popular sources for students who want to know about the subject matter. This is because they can usually be found in a public library that can be rented out. Because of the cost, they are often used for reference purposes and are therefore a good example of great essay topics for African history papers.Articles and books are also a good source of knowledge for students when they write an essay. With the amount of information available in libraries, online sites, newspapers, magazines, and many other sources, writing about them is quite easy. In fact, these sources are the best example of great essay topics for African history papers.

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Blog Archive MBA News Finding Success in E-Commerce Fashion

Blog Archive MBA News Finding Success in E-Commerce Fashion Last week, we posted an article featuring recent Harvard Business School (HBS) grad and Halsbrook founder Halsey Schroeder making strides in online fashion. Apparently, Ms. Schroeder is not the only one. The Financial Times has also reported on a growing trend of MBAs (many of whom, notably, are HBS graduates) finding success in e-commerce fashion, marketed to businesswomen. HBS classmates Wilkis Wilson and Alexis Maybank, for example, launched the popular discounted designer retail company Gilt Groupe in November 2007. Similarly, Alex Nelson and Christina Wallace, also HBS graduates, launched Quincy Apparel in September of last year. (We should note that Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss, also of HBS, launched Rent the Runway, targeted at a younger demographic.) If the future of business holds more and more opportunities for women, all the attention traditionally paid to men’s suits may have to make room for a new era of stylish women’s business wear. Share ThisTweet News

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Definitions and Examples of Isoglosses in Linguistics

An isogloss is a geographical boundary line marking the area in which a distinctive linguistic feature commonly occurs. Adjective: isoglossal or isoglossic. Also known as  heterogloss.  From the Greek, similar or equal tongue. Pronounced  I-se-glos. This linguistic feature may be phonological (e.g., the pronunciation of a vowel), lexical (the use of a word), or some other aspect of language.   Major divisions between dialects are marked by bundles of isoglosses. Examples and Observations [S]peakers in southern Pennsylvania say bucket, and those in the north part of the state say pail. [The line of demarcation between the two] is called an isogloss. Dialect areas are determined by large bundles of such isoglosses.Several noteworthy projects have been devoted to mapping the features and distribution of dialects across the United States, including Frederic Cassidys Dictionary of American Regional English [DARE] (begun in the 1960s and [completed in 2013]), and William Labov, Sharon Ash, and Charles Bobergs The Atlas of North American English (ANAE), published in 2005.Regional DialectsEnglish is made up of a number of regional dialects... Linguists can identify the main characteristics of different regions, and the isoglosses establish boundaries which group together non-standard dialect forms with similar distinctive linguistic features. Inevitably, there are some overlaps--although non-standard lexis tends to be located in specific regions, non-standard grammatical fea tures are similar across boundaries.Drawing an Optimal Isogloss:  The task of drawing an optimal isogloss has five stages:Selecting a linguistic feature that will be used to classify and define a regional dialect.Specifying a binary division of that feature or a combination of binary features.Drawing an isogloss for that division of the feature, using the procedures described below.Measuring the consistency and homogeneity of the isogloss by the measures to be described below.Recycling through steps 1-4 to find the definition of the feature that maximizes consistency or homogeneity.Focal Areas and Relic AreasIsoglosses can also show that a particular set of linguistic features appears to be spreading from one location, a focal area, into neighboring locations. In the 1930s and 1940s Boston and Charleston were the two focal areas for the temporary spread of r-lessness in the eastern United States. Alternatively, a particular area, a relic area, may show characteristics of being una ffected by changes spreading out from one or more neighboring areas. Places like London and Boston are obviously focal areas; places like Marthas Vineyard--it remained r-pronouncing in the 1930s and 1940s even as Boston dropped the pronunciation--in New England and Devon in the extreme southwest of England are relic areas.Kinds of Linguistic FeaturesFurther distinctions can be made in terms of the kind of linguistic feature being isolated: an isophone is a line drawn to mark the limits of a phonological feature; an isomorph marks the limits of a morphological feature; an isolex marks the limits of a lexical item; an isoseme marks the limits of a semantic feature (as when lexical items of the same phonological form take on different meanings in different areas).The Canadian Shift IsoglossA given region may have optimal conditions for a given sound change, which may affect almost all speakers. This is the case with the Canadian Shift, involving a retraction of /e/ and /ae/ . . .; it i s especially favored in Canada because the low back merger that triggers the shift takes place well to the back of the vowel space for almost everyone. Homogeneity for the Canadian Shift isogloss, which stops at the Canadian border, is .84 (21 of the 25 speakers within the isogloss). But the same process takes place occasionally throughout other areas of low back merger in the U.S., so that consistency for the Canadian isogloss is only .34. Outside of Canada, the instances of this phenomenon are scattered throughout a much larger population, and leakage is only .10. Homogeneity is the crucial measure for the dynamics of the Canadian vowel system. Sources Kristin Denham and Anne Lobeck,  Linguistics for Everyone: An Introduction. Wadsworth, 2010Sara Thorne,  Mastering Advanced English Language, 2nd ed. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008William Labov, Sharon Ash, and Charles Boberg,  The Atlas of North American English: Phonetics, Phonology, and Sound Change. Mouton de Gruyter, 2005Ronald Wardhaugh,  An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, 6th ed. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010David Crystal,  A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics, 4th ed. Blackwell, 1997William Labov, Sharon Ash, and Charles Boberg,  The Atlas of North American English: Phonetics, Phonology, and Sound Change. Mouton de Gruyter, 2005

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Effects of Absent Fathers on Daughters Relationship...

According to the US Census Bureau, 36.3% of children are living absent of their biological fathers. Beginning in 1960 with 8% of children living without their biological father, that percentage has continued to increase. The issue of absent fathers has raised many questions as to what effects this has on individuals and society. Absent fathers (a term that can consist of many different things) can have a profound effect on the development of their daughters relationships, especially when it comes to their relationships with other men. While the research on this topic may be lacking, what is out there is clear that fathers do play an important role in their development. Women can face things such as becoming sexually promiscuous, low†¦show more content†¦In general girls who grow up without fathers are more likely to experience problems with relationships than girls who grow up with a father. Adolescent girls raised in fatherless households are far more likely to engage in promiscuous sexual activity before marriage, to cohabit, to get pregnant out of wedlock and to have an abortion (Krohn Bogan, 599). The father is helpful in developing a daughters femininity and in their sexual development (Williamson, 208). Women who had absent fathers growing up tend to have idealized relationships with men, as a hope to get their lost father back, but then comes to the realization that the relationship is flawed and end up disappointed, only to start the cycle over again (Gill, 225). In some interesting statistics, 60% of strippers come from an absent father (Adams, Milner, Schrepf, 171). Females in single parent homes as opposed to intact ones are 53% more likely to marry as teenagers, 111% more likely to have children as teenagers and 92% more likely to divorce if they marry (Krohn Bogan, 599). The mother is not completely left out of this scenario though. When there is an absent father, the response of the mother is an important one in helping the child cope more easily. With divorce or abandonment, how the mother deals with the loss of her significant other greatly affects the child. If a mother degrades the father, the child is more likely to have a negative idea of her father. In contrast, daughters whoShow MoreRelatedI Stand Here Ironing By Tillie Olson Essay1517 Words   |  7 Pagesstory, I stand Here Ironing by Tillie Olson, the author does an excellent job at portraying a mother-daughter relationship that is not necessarily the â€Å"standard relationship†. Throughout the short story, Tillie Olson’s powerful use of words aided in the development of the not-so-perfect mother-daughter relationship with the to main characters in senses of guilt, absence, and the overall development of the daughter’s (Emily’s) life. One of the largest overall themes in the short story is the sensesRead MorePersonal Journey Of A Fatherless Woman Essay1565 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Personal journey of a fatherless woman Daddy-less daughters is a topic really close to my heart. Being a woman raised by a working mother without the presence of her husband taught me how strong women can be. My story started being separated from my father when I was only two months old due to my father migrating to the United States. Leaving his family behind in the Dominican Republic was not an easy task. He came to the land of opportunities like many other families, looking toRead MoreAttachment Theory As A Framework For Understanding Interpersonal And Emotional Outcomes Of Adults1442 Words   |  6 Pagescreates, an understanding of how parent relationships, affects a child’s early physiological development throughout adult-hood. In the past, research done on father -child relationships, has generally, focused on the attachment the child develops, when the father is absent in the child’s early stages of development. In my research, I found recent studies, performed on father-child relationships, an d how secure attachment bonds are developed, when the father is not only present, but positively activeRead MoreThe Role Of Father Involvement For Children Development Essay1535 Words   |  7 Pagesin the father involvement literature trough the researches. To know the father involvement for children development. Further we present what different other nation’s father role and what is going changed. This paper is based on The Effects of Father Involvement: An Updated Research Summary of the Evidence(FIRA, Sarah Allen, Kerry Daly, University of Guelph). It is not to compare with father and mother, Knowing the father’s importance. This paper is for Students and someone who be a father. Know howRead MoreWho Cared About Their Children s Wellbeing1192 Words   |  5 Pagesthat was not considered â€Å"normal† by societal standards. To me, having a father that lived with you is abnormal. Having a father that cared for you is abnormal. Having a father that loves you is abnormal. The word ‘father’ is the weirdest word in the English dictionary. Supposedly, my father makes up half of my DNA makeup. But, does that truly make him my father? I knew that the term ‘family’ generally referred to a mother, father and their children, but a two parent household was foreign to me. My parentsRead MoreA Child s Psychological And Social Development1610 Words   |  7 Pagesconsists of Mr. Mrs. Smith, and their two children, one of them being their daughter, Fern, who is 15 years old. Fern, has been moving every 2-3 years, around the country since she was 5. Her parents spend all day and night on their work, they will even leave the house for long periods of time, spending very little time with their children. Moving around so much may affect a child’s psychological and social development. These events can affect Fern the rest of her adolescent years and her upcomingRead MoreCompare and Contrast of Sylvia Plath and Sharon Old s898 Words   |  4 Pagescorrect to depict anything about a family anymore. But if we look back to the standard traditional household and there was always a father, a mother, and a 2.5 children. The father has always been designated as the head of the household and something that Sylvia Plath and Sharon Olds have in common is just that, that they grew up during a father-dominated time, in a father-dominated family, and this lifestyle is reflective in their poetry as well. â€Å"The Colossus† by Sylvia Plath is about the painRead More The Impact of Absent Fathers in Black Female Upbringing Essay1986 Words   |  8 Pagesimportant when it comes to a child’s development. With so much emphasis placed on young black boys needing their fathers during crucial developmental ages, the rate of our young black girls growing up without fathers is staggering and overlooked. What is an absent father? The definition is quite simple; an absent father can be defined as a father who is not present in the life of their child whether it is physically, emotionally, or both. Although the absence of a father is detrimental in any child’s lifeRead MoreThe Importance of the Parent-Teen Relationship Essay926 Words   |  4 PagesParent-teen relationships are among the most important in a youths life. Whether a parent is providing love, criticism, or old-fashioned rulemaking, the structure and stability of a healthy parental relationship with teens can make a huge impact on their stressful adolescent lives. In Speak, a healthy parent-teen relationship could have meant the difference between swift justice and months of harassment. Mothers, fathers, and family communication in general are all important in unique ways. Read MorePsychodynamics Of The Family Essay890 Words   |  4 PagesGender, published in 1978, remains one of Nancy Chodorow most influential works. Chodorow establishes in â€Å"The Psychodynamics of the Family† her interpretation and analysis of the heterosexual dynamic within the social and familial context, and the effects of mothering, manhood and womanhood on the perpetuation of the family. The article is structured in three parts: â€Å"Oedipal Asymmetries and Heterosexual Knots†; â€Å"The Cycle Completed: Mothers and Children†; and â€Å"Gender Personality and Reproduction of

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Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina - 601 Words

SARAJEVO (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA) I landed in the capital of Bosnia early in the morning , while the city was still waking up. It was the first time I was in this part of Europe, and I was pretty excited to see what is waiting for me. I heard many stories about the Bosnian war, but I was positively surprised while I was driving with a cab around the city. Moreover, it looks quite modern, though truth be told, here and there you can see the scars of the war. The hotel where I stayed is the greatest building in Bosnia, called The Avaz Twist Tower . The view was truly majestic. I arrived at the time when Bosnia was stricken with euphoria. For the first time in history football team qualified for the World Cup, and the whole city was excited . My stay was supposed to last four days, and for the four days I was supposed to see all the magic this city has. I must admit that weather was not so well. You could definitely feel the winter, especially because Sarajevo is a city located in the valley and surrounded with mountai ns. Because I’ve never been there, I found a private guide named Emir. Very pleasant guy. The first day we went to probably the most famous place in Sarajevo - BAÃ…  Ã„Å'ARÃ…  IJA! It is a place where you still see the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. At this point, you feel like youre in a small Turkey. The old craftsmen are doing their work while some pleasant smell was spreading. Emir told me that this dish is called ‘’Ćevapi’’. He said that this is one of thoseShow MoreRelated Battle and Siege of Sarajevo to Recognize Bosnia and Herzegovina as Its Own State901 Words   |  4 PagesThe UN report on the Battle and Siege of Sarajevo is a document that records the events within the city from April 5th 1992 to February 28th 1994. The document’s purpose is to shine a light and describe the consequence of the Battle of Sarajevo and its violations of human law. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city’s name is derived from ‘Seraglio’, meaning ‘palace in the fields’ in Turkish. Saraj evo’s history dates back to Roman times with the Slavs eventually conqueringRead MoreEssay on The Bosnian War: the Fight for Independence904 Words   |  4 PagesThe Bosnian War: the Fight for Independence In 1992 Bosnia and Herzegovina had one the biggest genocide to come after WWII, in turn killing over 800,000 civilians. The war consisted of two factions, the Croats and Serbs, both wanting territory in Bosnia. Soon Radovan KaradÃ… ¾ić, former Bosnian Serb president, created a special army to support the Serbs, soon the Serbs started the new policy for â€Å"ethnic cleansing† many areas of non-Serb. For it was later that it was to be decided that is was completeRead MoreSmall And Medium Sized U.s. Based Companies Should Increase Their Level Of Investment1303 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Paper: Bosnia By: Damini Darji Subject: BUSA 3000 Date: July 18, 2016 Small and Medium sized U.S. based companies should increase their level of investment in Bosnia because of low employment cost, tourism business opportunities, and great political environment for international or U.S. businesses. However there is not official rules of the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country has been divided into five economic areas taking into regards of social, cultural relations, historicalRead MoreThe Assassination that Started It All1292 Words   |  5 PagesFranz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot dead in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip, a member of a Serbian nationalist group called the Black Hand. The Black Hand was derived from a secret Serbian terrorist organization called the Narodna Odbrana, which worked towards the unification of all South Slavs in an independent, sovereign country called Yugoslavia. The Narodna Odbrana was created because South Slavs living in Serbia, as well as in Bosnia and other Slavic provinces, felt a strong nationalisticRead MoreEssay on Pan-Slavism: the Cause of Wwi1502 Words   |  7 Pagesin the early 20th Century created a tension between Austria-Hungary and Serbia that culminated in WWI. This tension was caused by the threat Pan-Slavism posed on Austria-Hungary due to its high Slavic population and its recent annexation of Bosnia Herzegovina. Another tension-builder was that Russia, a Slavic nation and a super-power at the time, was fully supporting this movement, thereby indirectly challenging Austria-Hungary to control of its own people. The tension had been mounting long beforeRead MoreEssay about Causes of Unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina1473 Words   |  6 Pages2. Methods This report aims to investigate causes of unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as problems and solutions of unemployment in this country. Exploration of causes of unemployment is analyzed by utilizing of the book written by Rajko Tomas entitled Nezaposleni. Moreover, data related to problems of unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is gathered from the book by Miomir Jaksic entitled Makroekonomija. The articles related to poverty and going abroad of young population are collectedRead MoreGenocide, The Rwandan Genocide And The Bosnian Genocide1999 Words   |  8 Pages6-19). To sum it up, nobody wanted to deal with it, so they ignored it and played it off as just a small problem in Rwanda letting all those people die because it wasn’t their immediate problem. A third situation of genocide took place in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia was one country to come out of the breakup of Yugoslavia in World War II. Yugoslavia was a multicultural country created after World War I composed of three main ethnic and religious groups- Serbians (Orthodox Christians), Croatians (Catholics)Read MoreCan Justice Ever be Seen After Genocide? Essay example1069 Words   |  5 Pagesabsent God, someone involved in the deaths of thousands cannot face true justice through court. After juxtaposing Bosnia to the Holocaust, the people of the world can now see that in the cases of Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, and Rakto Mladic true justice will not, nor will ever be, served in the Bosnian genocide. Recognized as the â€Å"architect of the Balkan Wars† (â€Å"Butcher of Bosnia† par 26), the Serbian Slobodan Milosevic â€Å"became the president of Serbia in 1987† (â€Å"Slobodan Milosevic† par. 1)Read MoreGenocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo1481 Words   |  6 PagesGenocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo Abstract As a criminal investigator, I choose to view the genocide that occurred in Bosnia -Herzegovina and Kosovo as plain ordinary murder, albeit murder on a massive scale and murder that has many different types of victims. In this paper I tried to outline some of the background of the country and its people attempting to show these events as a crime scene. Introduction The purpose of this paper was to inform of the genocides that tookRead MoreA Brief Overview of World War I817 Words   |  4 PagesEuropean struggle by declaration of the following nations known as the Allies and the Associated Powers; Great britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United states. These nations defied the coalition(central powers). The assassination at Sarajevo in bosnia immediately caused the war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia on June 28th 1914. The Triple Entente was involved in the first world war along with the Triple Alliance. The Triple alliance was formed by Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy

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Neighborhoods and Deliquence free essay sample

How does one know for sure whether or not their family is being brought up in the right type of environment? An abundance of people raise their children in neighborhoods where the youth may be pressured and lured into situations that can generally lead to only problems and complications. There is not necessarily one right answer to prevent this from happening. It is not as simple as keeping adolescents from getting into bad situations by locking them up a closet their entire lives; however, there can be other ways to approach and deal with these ypes of issues involving Juvenile delinquency. Nowadays, the area in which a person lives and raises their families, may have a significant amount to do with the circumstances in which their kids get involved with gang affiliation, drugs and committing violent acts. To begin, there are numerous places where which gangs or gang affiliation is present, yet there are certain areas in which gangs are more apparent. We will write a custom essay sample on Neighborhoods and Deliquence or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For example, according to an article from SF gate, A 1 5-year-old boy has been charged with murder in the slaying of another teenager near a troubled Oakland apartment omplex, authorities said Tuesday The slaying happened in a neighborhood where two buildings had recently been condemned because of code violations and fears of imminent gang activity, and police suspect that Erik and his killer were members of rival gangs. (SF Gate). Henry Lee who wrote this article gives a perfect example of how many young teens are getting into gangs. This shooting happened in Oakland were a lot of violence goes on, because low income families live in the bad neighborhoods their children grow up with many bad influences around them. Another example is, in reference to this article from SF Gate, The action came a week atter police noticed that nearby buildings were covered with gang graffiti a gang members had punched holes through the walls of the complex as an escape route, apparently girding for a possible attack, authorities said. Rival gang members then sprayed over the graffiti, police said. (SF Gate). This article is mainly about how a young child gunned down rival gang members, but analyzing this more thoroughly it states how children are getting into gangs at a young age because of the neighborhoods they are growing in. Young children are getting into gangs and committing violent acts because of the neighborhood they are growing up in. Furthermore, drugs are another influence that children of a young age are getting into because of the neighborhoods they are growing up in. For example, from an article of World Youth Report, The use of alcohol and illegal drugs by Juveniles is one cause of delinquency, as they are often compelled to commit crimes (usually theft) to obtain the cash needed to support their substance use. Drugs play a huge role in when it comes to Juvenile delinquency because young children get into them. The reason for that is because of the neighborhood the child grows up to. A good comparison is a child growing up in Oakland compared to a child growing up in Marin. In Marin one doesnt see children drug dealing at the corner compared to Oakland were things like that do happen and children are involved. Another example from the article of World Youth Report, Many young people retreat i nto the confines of their own groups and resort to drug use for psychological or emotional escape. Drugs can also be used as a getaway drug because of problems they might be having ut it wouldnt be a problem if the children were being raised in the right type of environment. Drugs have a big influence on children when growing up in a bad neighborhood. Finally, there is the issue of violence amongst youth. Violence is also a huge issue around the world, but is more generally seen in conflicted neighborhoods. An example from an article of World Youth Report, Quite often, advantage is being taken of illegal opportunities as young people commit various offences, become addicted to drugs, and use violence against their peers. Violent acts that children do at a young ge because of the neighborhoods they grow up in. Many kids do more violent acts because they are in gangs and required to or because of anger. Children doing violent acts do them because of the life style they grow up in. Back to the article form SF gate where the fifth teen year old teen shot and killed a rival gang member. Being that young and already murdering someone is a problem in our society because kids that age should be in a gang or exposed to all that violence. Many gang members recruit small children so they can get them to commit violent acts and they wont be trailed as adults. Another example from the article of World Youth Report, Some groups and subcultures tend to use violence as a means of solving interpersonal conflicts, and the atmosphere thus created is an important mediating factor contributing to delinquent or criminal behavior. Violence can also be interpret as solving problems with their fists, these ways of solutions are used by many kids and they get it from the neighborhood they are growing up in. Violence is a major influence on children because of the neighborhood they are growing up in. To reiterate, there are many reasons tor why children can be driven to Juvenile elinquencies but the main reason is neighborhoods because of gangs, drugs and violence. Children when growing up in bad neighborhoods are exposed to many things because gangs, drugs and violence are in bad neighborhoods. Many children move into more and more bad neighborhoods and are being exposed to gangs, drugs and violence. There are some solutions that we can approach to stop kids from getting involved in these bad influences. One solution is providing programs like the Big Brother Big Sister program to have a role model to guide them down the right path. Another solution is reducing the gangs in neighborhoods and getting them off he streets. If we were able to develop a program were low income families can be located to good neighborhoods and have an agreement to live their instead of a bad neighborhood that would fix the problem. Though there are many solutions making them come true is a different story but there are many programs out there that provide kids with the help and attention they need.